Mech on the rise in Los Angeles

Police made four arrests this weekend in the downtown area of Los Angeles around East 3rd Street.  The suspects were all in possession of Mech.  A fifth suspect attempted to flee the scene after assaulting an officer, when police opened fire.  It took 63 bullets to stop the assailant.  Police assumed he was wearing kevlar armour but upon inspecting his body, none was found.  The man was said to still be alive and lashing out violently.  From his wounds a shimmering silvery fluid was said to be leaking, among being covered in blood.  Three other incidents involving the drug have been reported this month, marking the rise of Mech use in LA.

Austrailian Mech case, details emerge

We received more information on the reported mech case in Melbourne.  On May 30th at 3:47am, a male, mid 20's arrived into the Emergency ward delirious and complaining of severe stomach pains.   When medical staff tried to treat him, he went into a fit of rage destroying expensive medical equipment.  While trying to subdue him, four staff were seriously injured.  Police on duty at Royal Melbourne Hospital were called to the scene.  Bath salts and a speed overdose were suspected, but autopsy has confirmed Mech was present in his system.  A jagged metallic structure was excised from his abdomen, the size of a softball.  Doctors are still trying to determine what the metallic structure is made of.

Witnesses say the man seemed "possessed" and was speaking incoherently.  The scene was described as "gruesome".  The victims body was said to be covered in open lesions.  All four medical staff remain in stable but serious condition. 

The victims family was notified early Friday morning.  They wish their son remain anonymous.

This violent incident ended in tragedy, not unlike previous reports on our soil.


BREAKING NEWS:  Officials at Royal Melbourne Hospital have confirmed the first known case of Mech use in Australia.  The victim checked into emergency in the early hours of May 30th complaining of stomach cramps.  He perished hours later from internal bleeding. 

The spread of the drug beyond North America has come as a shock to us.  It not only confirms our worst fears of its spread, but solidifies our conviction to spread the word beyond our borders. 

We will be updating this story as more information arrives...

NYPD to Carry Life-Saving Antidote Kits for Mech Overdoses

The New York Police Department has announced that its officers are to start carrying antidote kits that will use a drug called naloxone to save the lives of Mech users who suffer overdose.

The AP reports that the NYPD will be provided with 19,500 kits, that contain two syringes and two inhalers of naloxone each, by New York state's Attorney General office. Naloxone, sold under the brand name Narcin, reverses the dangerously fast breathing that is one of the primary reason for death during Mech overdose.

Getting treatment

Specialized treatment is needed for a recovering mech addict.  The damage it can do to the body and neurological functions of the brain are not yet fully understood.  Physicians across the country are working together to educate one another and be able to treat this new phenomena of drug use.

We're happy to announce  the following cities now have trained clinics in mech recovery:

  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Austin
  • Los Angeles

We will be announcing new cities as soon as they are able to provide care. 

Lack of media coverage

The US Department of Health has declared the "mech outbreak" an immediate threat to potential users and the public.  To date, there has been a gross lack of mainstream media coverage.  We're working with national media outlets to get this story center stage and inform the public.  Stay tuned for broadcaster announcements soon.