Austrailian Mech case, details emerge

We received more information on the reported mech case in Melbourne.  On May 30th at 3:47am, a male, mid 20's arrived into the Emergency ward delirious and complaining of severe stomach pains.   When medical staff tried to treat him, he went into a fit of rage destroying expensive medical equipment.  While trying to subdue him, four staff were seriously injured.  Police on duty at Royal Melbourne Hospital were called to the scene.  Bath salts and a speed overdose were suspected, but autopsy has confirmed Mech was present in his system.  A jagged metallic structure was excised from his abdomen, the size of a softball.  Doctors are still trying to determine what the metallic structure is made of.

Witnesses say the man seemed "possessed" and was speaking incoherently.  The scene was described as "gruesome".  The victims body was said to be covered in open lesions.  All four medical staff remain in stable but serious condition. 

The victims family was notified early Friday morning.  They wish their son remain anonymous.

This violent incident ended in tragedy, not unlike previous reports on our soil.